Zechariah T.


As each day passed by,
The feeling in him grew deeper:
He is alone.
Watching from the window,
Others going out and enjoying company.
As for the boy,
He is alone.
All see him, but none care
About his feelings, his thoughts,
Or his existence.
He is alone.
Wanting just to be loved,
To be held and known,
For someone to say,
“You are not alone.”
The pain continues to grow,
The heart and soul,
Aching, longing for more,
But he is all alone.
The darkness grows,
A shadow fixes itself
Over his face and his eyes
For he is alone.
The pain is eating,
His eyes dim and dull,
He prepares himself
for one final struggle.
He wants to be free
of the pain and the desire.
If he cannot have it in life,
He will choose it in the other.
He opens up his Bible
And begins to read:
One last prayer before
He does his fateful deed.
But wait!  Something
Speaks to him yet,
No one is there, yet he senses
A powerful presence.
“You are not worthless in my eyes,”
Says the Lord,
“While you still live, you are yet
My willing and humble servant.”
“But Lord, why am I
Alone, where none can assist me,
or even pray for me
That I may serve you?”
“Be still!”
Says the Lord,
“And know that I am God.  I have
Heard your cry and will now answer.
You are not alone while you
Continue to call upon me.
You are a special part in my plan,
A beautiful piece in my mosaic.
See!  I have sent many brothers
And sisters who would assist you.
You only need call them
And they would be there to support you.”
Then the eyes of the boy’s
Heart open,
And he sees those whom he may
Call brother and sister.
He rejoices that now,
Through trial and suffering
He can call upon his fellow
servants for help.
And now the darkness leaves him
And his mind is clothed in light.
For he now feels neither pain nor desire,
And can call upon friends for help.
The boy gets up and goes
To strengthen and assist his friends.
He knows that there still are others
Who need to know
That they are not alone.


Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.