Michael Sodano

My Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is my second Christmas Eve.  I was living at my house in Somerville, and my family was hosting Christmas Eve dinner for my aunts and uncles, my great aunt, and my grandparents.  I have many cousins, but for some reason none of them attended that dinner.  Most of my memory is the setting of the living room and the Christmas tree.  The tree was covered with white lights, red cranberry beads, and the perfect amount of ornaments.  In the two family house in Somerville that I still own today, the dining room opens up to the living room and from the dining room table I had a clear view of the Christmas tree.  I do not actually remember the dinner itself, but I remember most of what happened before and after dinner, and what had happened after all my relatives had left.  During this Christmas I was sick with the flu, but I don’t remember feeling sick or missing out on anything, but I think my most of my relatives left early due to me having the flu.  Today when I think back to that Christmas I remember the preparation of the dinner most.  My dad who is a great cook made the meal, and my mom prepared the house.  I just sat around and entertained myself waiting for everyone to arrive.  Today, I still have a clear picture in my head of me looking into the dining room and waiting for my mom to get out of the shower. 

The living room was decorated with a tan couch, white walls, our oriental rug and the oval glass coffee table.  For some reason I do not remember the placement of everything in the room, but I just remember the tree was in the corner and everything else was there.  I don’t remember actually being sick with the flu, but I remember my mom worried about my grandparents getting sick.  Late that night after everyone had left, I was still up with my parents because it was Christmas Eve.  We were sitting on my living room couch with all the lights off and we were looking at the tree.  I remember that there were already presents that my family probably brought because I wanted to open them.  That night was just a fun night.  Even though I was sick  I still had a very memorable time just sitting in front of the tree on a Christmas Eve with my mom and dad.  Before I went to bed I remember that I did not want to stop being with mom and dad.  I was also very tired though so I settled for seeing them in the morning on Christmas day.  I’m not sure what actually made me remember the night so well, but I think it was because it was the first time I could experience an event like Christmas Eve with my family.      

I think a possible reason why this memory stuck with me so much could be that my love for Christmas Eve got me so into the day that it just turned into a great time that I would never forget.   Another possible reason why I remember this time so much is because experiencing Christmas as a young boy is very memorable and exciting.  It was a unique first time experience, and I don’t think that I would ever forget something that special as a little child.  Christmas and Christmas Eve are very important to me still.  For me it is a time that my family really gets to connect and spend time with one another.  My family is an amazing family.  Out of all cousins and aunts and uncles, everyone gets along, and we are all great friends.  A time of so much meaning could never be forgotten.  Nothing out of the ordinary, unusual, or extra special happened that night, but the fact that everyone had such a special time together was the sign of a great night.  This memory affects who I am today, because it gives me a good understanding of what it takes to make people happy, and reminds me of where I come from. 


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