Elizabeth Mandle

Whiskey and Me

Hear the roar, feel the thunder,
The soul of the lion,
The body of a stallion.
That’s Whiskey.
Passionate as a summer kiss,
Always in her leather.
We’ve got miles to go,
Out on the open road.
Windy turns on Blue Ridge,
The flat space of the mid-west,
Or the solace of the Red Woods.
The desert by night,
And the ocean at dawn.
Just Whiskey and me
Whiskey’s past is a legacy,
Villains, crooks, heroes and saints as family.
They’ve fought for the law,
And some fought against the law.
They’ve raced on Daytona Beach,
Beating out Indians.
They have been James Dean’s pals,
And Elvis’s too.
Some were Angels of a certain breed,
Hanging at local bars and pool halls.
She has a future of her own,
A story to be written by each experience.
We’ve got miles to go,
On Harley wheels,
Just Whiskey and me.


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