Grant Forstall

A Wrestling Memory

I am wrestling a hungry wolf, who licks his chops at the sight of me. He comes from one of the best teams in the state. As the match begins, I start off by taking a successful shot on him. This puts me ahead, but it’s still early in the match. He quickly gets back up and we continue from a standing position. This time he clumsily shoots in on me, and I am immediately swept off my feet. After fighting hard on the mat, I stand up, pushing off the mat like a rocket shooting from the ground, but by now the first period is over.

After a short break to catch my breath the action has begun again. This time I start on top of him, but he quickly switches positions and now he has control, while I fight to stay on my stomach. This continues for another two minutes until the shrill tone of the whistle is heard all around the gymnasium.

As the third and final period begins, I immediately shoot in on him, charging like an angry bull. I try to push him over onto his back, but he doesn’t stay there long, he quickly fights back onto his stomach, but now I’m ahead on the scoreboard. There’s only forty-five seconds left now and I’m ahead by two points. I’m on top but he’s fighting to get away. I need to hold on! My muscles ache and burn as if I had just run a marathon. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. Just keep going, I tell myself. Almost done…and finally I hear the long awaited, calming sounds of the whistle. I immediately let go and fall back in pure exhaustion.


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