Jacqueline D.

Two Days of the Year

It had started out like a regular morning. I was awakened by my nanny Marie. I had felt like something special was going to happen on that particular day. So I decided to cooperate especially well and get dressed as fast and in the best manner that I could. While I dressed in a nice, new white summer dress that was sleeveless and had a lace covering over the silk material, I tried to think of what was so special, but I could not.

Since from when I can remember I was mostly raised and taken care of by my nanny Marie. My father was a lawyer and a hard worker; because of this job he traveled very much. My mother was always busy with her friends, my father and entertaining guests. I only saw my mother at meal times. But there were two special days of the year when I got to spend the whole day with my mother. I loved her very much so this was a wonderful treat, to be able to spend an entire day with her and nobody interfering. Those two days were Christmas and my birthday. It was too hot outside for it to be Christmas time already, so I quickly remembered that it was my birthday!

As soon as I had remembered this, I finished getting ready and raced down the circular staircase that led to the foyer, and ran through the double doors and into the kitchen where my mother sat with a large, round white box in front of her. I ran to her and she hugged me tight. I loved this feeling, and this showed me that my mother loved me very much. Even though she is busy a lot, these moments and thoughts meant a lot. I opened the box carefully, untying the lace ribbon, careful not to rip it and lifted off the cover. After unfolding the tissue paper, I reached in and pulled out a white hat, which matched my white dress perfectly. The hat was big enough to cover my face from the sun, but small enough for me to be able to see everything from under it. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that my mother had spent time and thought about picking out the perfect gift.

During breakfast we planned out the rest of the day. I had decided that I would like to spend my birthday at the local park. When we were done with breakfast, my mother and I bid farewell to nanny Marie and walked to the park. The park was nice, but nothing special. We lived close so I go there often, but to be there with my mother was a treat. We walked hand in hand all day long, just back and forth. We watched the other children playing and running around with their parents and nannies chasing after them. We came across a women and her monkey, but my mother would not let me pet it.

My birthday was a special day, but just the feeling of spending it with my mother made all the difference.


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