Shama Pathan

Duff Taking Over Adolescent Nation

Hilary Duff, the teen sensation who calls herself a “parent friendly role model” for children all around the world, is disliked by some, but loved by many. As her career has been generating for more than two years of stardom, she has already had her own television show, has come out with several albums, been in numerous movies, and has created her own fashion label. All of these promotions have been doing exceptionally well in sales.

Most young girls look up to this pop diva for her angelic voice and how appealing she is in general, but Hilary has become even more popular by attracting another type of audience. Her new attraction was posing on the cover of Maxim dressed in a bustier and a garter belt. Surely many parents would like their nine year old girls to aspire to be like this underage working girl. Anyone who believes her to be a skimpy tramp is wrong, because it’s not her fault she can’t afford to fully clothe herself. Not to mention the fact that she is dating Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. To play the part of the perfect punk-rock girlfriend she disregards the law, which obviously doesn't apply to her since she is under aged and he is an adult. In efforts to maintain their relationship, they sang about true love. Madden and Duff, the huge supporters of self expression, have been spotted several times holding hands and tanning; their love is as wholesome as punk music itself.

Her acting talents are truly one of a kind; her most serious role was playing a successful singer who isn’t very popular. She literally fit the description of this character, except she was “never unpopular,” as she reaches out in a Disney magazine. She continues in this article to conclude that “it must be tough being unpopular.” She can really relate to all her fans. Duff chose this role to show her fans that a singer’s life is a precious commodity and hard work. It’s a good thing that she has plenty of vacations to recuperate. Duff’s most rewarding role was the supporting actor in "Agent Cody Banks" wherein she received a whopping two million dollars. Frankie Muniz, the leading character, was obviously paid less. All Frankie had to do was do a bunch of stunts in fastened gear, but Hilary had to actually jump off of platforms onto partially inflated mats to portray the perfect “damsel in distress.” Frankie’s years of television experience have no comparison to Hilary’s blooming success. To top all of that off, Disney horrified the nation when they dropped the ever-so-popular Lizzy Maguire Show because Duff couldn’t live off the meager $10,000 weekly salary. Because the network was such a stickler, Hilary chose not to continue the show.

Hilary first started singing when trying to cure her stuttering speech imperfection and, luckily for us, her childhood vocal training is undoubtedly liable to justify her present singing career. As part of her development as a creative artist, she is now taking the bold step of actually offering input to the songwriters who compose the songs she sings. This innovative approach to the creative arts has been a revelation for past and present musical legends. In one of the Teen People magazines, she admits “I worked with the songwriters, telling them what was happening in my life, and what I wanted to sing about. If I thought it needed to be more heavy, more rock, I said so. I feel that my new album is so much more…ME."
As Hilary speaks about her new album, she is talking about her “Most Wanted” CD. This is a collection of her greatest hits, all 15 out of her about 17 fabulous songs. Hilary does not “stutter” any more; if she’s bored, she’ll say “I’m bored," and with that, she’ll come out with another sparkly song.

‘Stuff by Hilary Duff’ is the fashion collection which she has concocted. Her products vary from heavy, sophisticated makeup to mature clothing for undeveloped girls everywhere. Now, girls can paint their faces and be confident enough to reach their dreams. Critics have argued that eight year olds should not be wearing six inch skirts, but Hilary’s skirts are infact 20% longer than those of other big designers, such as Paris and Nikki Hilton’s; Hilary makes her skirts extra long to preserve cute kids’ innocence and make sure nothing is even questionably provocative. Since Hilary was once wrongly accused of being one of the worst dressed artists in the history of celebrities, her persistence in fashion cancels this accident out. Whoever ranked her accordingly must have not seen her perfected teeth, her diet perfected figure, and brilliant classiness. Her controversial decision to get extra enamel on her teeth and to get extremely in shape only promotes weight loss and better dental care, which is a good thing since America is globally known for its obesity statistics and average ranked teeth. It is rumored that she is considering promotional offers with ‘Crest’, the dental care brand, and the ‘Caution Crack Control Clan’, an organization concerned with crack addicts losing an unhealthy amount of weight. Once, again, Hilary has motivated our nation to be better, healthier people.

It’s easy to see that the Hilary Duff phenomenon that has swept across the world will continue into a legacy for generations to come. Who will she pass her torch down to next? If the Duff reign continues, all girls will be just like Hilary! Wouldn’t that be the perfect world? Pretty soon, Hilary is going to make her own army of fans that will take over the whole entertainment industry; the Hilarys will have their own food network shows, their own malls, and their own amusement parks! All people can really do is wait for the next thing Hilary Duff will do for the world.  Hopefully everyone will join into the fun and root for Hilary.


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