Alexandra Deutsch

How to be the Perfect Woman

The ongoing dream of being the perfect woman fills the imagination of every young girl. But do any of us really know who this “Perfect Woman” really is? I do, and am going to tell you exactly who she is... She’s me! At 47, I may be pushing into my “over the hill” years now, sad to say, but trust me love, I am far from being a wheel chair-using, grey hair-sporting, denture wearing grandma! Sugar, I am finer than any hot young chick roaming the streets. Girls today think they are alluring, but baby, no one is better than me! I am the original blonde bombshell, the standard for hot! Seven feet tall, 90 pounds, and a voluptuous triple E! I am the girl all the perfect guys want!

Now, it’s not enough just to be hot; a girl needs to learn to hold her own. I can do every job in the book! I have been a pilot, a brain surgeon, a princess, a firefighter, a house wife, a movie star, a singer, an artist, a lawyer, an ice skater, a ballerina..., you name it I’ve done it! And I did it all in six inch pink stilettos. Living the life of an ideal woman may sound unrealistic to you, but for me it’s as easy as playing dress up. You may wonder who I am and what my secret is. I am Barbie Millicent Roberts and I am made from plastic!


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