Enoch Kan

Moving Like the Breeze of the Wind

The young girl, clothed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, glanced around as she found herself facing a gigantic surging wave of hostile enemies. While some of them were pale and sickly, others marched forth with tremendous strength as their thick armor glistened against the sunlight. Confidently, she allowed them to surround her, her only motion being a slight adjustment of her hand to palm her blade in eagerness for combat. After the army’s growth had swelled, she took one last look at her surroundings before sighing softly. She exploded in a burst of speed catching her first victims off guard as their lives came to an end by her blades. She moved like the breeze of the wind, overcoming every attempt that was made to evade her. Those that were stubborn enough not to fall to her strikes soon were swept away by her elemental power as a cyclone of air blades was summoned by her hands. After hours of endless violence, the young girl was the only one left standing. With a grin, she turned around and headed back home, slinging her tools over her shoulder. She had finally finished weeding the garden.


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