Lisa Kelly

Controlled Escape

Fifteen minutes more
Restrained, to a metal chair
Bored in the back row.

Sounds begin to fade
While my head bobs up and down,
Heavy eyelids close.

Suddenly, a sound!
Whooshing winds stir my senses,
Open eyes look out.

Yes - it’s paradise,
A beach lover’s dream escape.
As one, I should know

Bathed in pure white sand
Content, walking on hot coals
Smooth grains rub my toes.

Strolling to the shore
Sand castles and toys pass by -
Innocence abounds.

Salt smells take over
As I encounter the waves
Cool mists brush my skin.

With a deep breath I
Jump into the freezing waves
And let them move me.

Refreshed and content,
I return to my beach chair
Soaked and dripping wet

Wrapped in a towel
Under the umbrella’s shade
Taking it all in.

Thick, gooey sun block,
With its rank chemical smells,
Protects my fair skin.

I feel the sun’s rays
Beating down, emitting heat
While I lay tanning.
Peace, calm, surrounding
Crashing waves and squawking gulls
It’s serenity!
Away from schoolwork
Protected by sunglasses
My world is carefree.
With this time I may
Read a classic novel like
The Da Vinci Code

No, I’ll eat instead
To satisfy myself with
A melting dove bar

Or even better
The childhood favorite:
A sandy sandwich.

With a full stomach
I sink into my beach chair
Sunburned and happy

Sounds begin to fade
While my head bobs up and down.
Heavy eyelids close.

Suddenly, a sound!
A horrible - painful drone
Ring, the school bell hums

Life is bland. This world
Monotonous, lackluster
It was all a dream


Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.