Timothy Parsons

Keep on Keepin' On

“Keep on keepin’ on”
my dad said to my grandmother
each time we visited
 a line from our favorite Bob Dylan song, Tangled up in Blue
music can heal hurt
even if it didn’t cheer up my grandmother,  terminal with colon cancer
it lifted up our spirits
a woman of incredible resolve
because of her devotion to her family
the doctors gave her 6 months to live
and she lasted another 4 years
All you have to do
is keep on going strong
even when things go wrong
even when things look bleak
and you feel so weak
the best thing you can do for yourself is
keep on keepin’ on
When the cancer finally took her, it was quick
she kept on keeping on till the very end
doing the two things she loved most
being with her family
And working on her beloved spinning wheels



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