Ryan Novelline

9 O'Clock

Have you ever wandered along an empty beach and wondered what it would be like to soar over the ocean with the seagulls while you are sitting at your desk? Daydreaming can take us anywhere we please at any given time of the day. It is true that very often we desire to be other places. For this is why we savor vacations, but the concrete boundaries of our daily obligations prevent us from realizing these urges. Suddenly imagine floating out of your seat to somewhere you have never been before. Where will you end up?

I Wake around the Stroke of nine
when the glints Shine over the sequoia pine
Immediately! Looking to see
what could Be in store for me
Glide out the window. Tossing over the bay
Lift myself. Far and Faraway.
Dominating the clouds, shadow bellowing to
Release what hangs off and Pursue
under her rays. Promising Dawn
above the earth, our flourishing lawn
‘Dance!’ says the aurora, ‘Guzzle the day’
So I Drink the risks. Rowdily and Ready
A bald eagle. the Soaring Pride
Approaches my waist, side by side
he Invites me to Join him down to the sea
as the newfound friend I gladly Agree
downwards - we Fall to the Roaring blue
Caught in my breath, movement unaccustomed to
Scraping the water with my fingertips
Slicing away the splashes to mere playful drips
a windy, wistful wind Blows a different way
and off I’m Pulled solely under its sway
then into curious woods. I Run
past trees Questioning. each and every one.
                        * * *
Wild bear sits alongside a mischievous spring
Commanding I assist him. Fishing -
Elatedly darting at the stream. In my hands I place
a limb, my defensive stick, just in case
Fish swish gleefully. Oh, what liquid - so clear!
Forest animal welcomes me to partake in his spear
Thrusting my hand into the shockingly cold -
Water - emerges a fish. Gills grey and unfold.
I give the gift to my new friend
Say goodbye. I can’t offend
my new pal. then I rush on my way
as there is much more to do in a day!
But then, my shadow disappears
a fact at which I simply jeer
the sun emerges to the airy sky               
Radiating all the way. Regal High

‘Explore,’ says the teasing noon,                   
‘dig into your desires’
So I rummage though the world’s extent

I shrink down my stumbling size
meeting an awkward melody. What crooked-cries!
A dragonfly trapped his wing
under a rock’s unmerciful sting
I force it off with all my might
emerge shriveled tip peaks. clear in sight
now a crippled creature he will be -
for Life - can offer more I tell him, he will see…
I clasp his feelings in my heart
to release them free…a fresh start
taking his new world of glee, he
darts off. a final adieu to me
afternoon shadows beginning to spy
until low floating skater catches my eye
he flits himself onto a pond
no other way but to respond
keeping above the water’s touch
i try so hard to do it myself. but too much.
i fall into this briny deep. the sullen green
But not entirely unseen
plummeting down into the freezing hell
i begin to ascend. sorcerous spell?
no!-something grabbing my hand and
pulling me so hard I can’t withstand
i emerge in such a forceful show
sylvan flora shifting away as i go
splitting the a-i-r. a limp doll
i hit the peak…then begin to fall
‘pitter-pat’ said the dawn, ‘for i am not the dawn’
so i steady,
softly tumbling upon myself. ouch!
I mumble out a most-needed grouch
waiting for an adventure so fine
for it is only a minute past the stroke of Nine



Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.