Yuki K.

Father's Spirit

I am from Japan,
Where the spirits of all my ancestors that have come before me slumber.

I am from many generations of Samurai,
I plan to one day join their legacy,
But I'll be the first to be a woman.

I am from the sword of my family,
That was broken by my brother.

I am from the Sakura tree,
The tree that blossoms the flowers of my youth.

I am from the four spirits of our world.

I am from the spirit of the wind,
To which my father's sword governed.

I am from the spirits of the earth,
The origin of my mother's love.

I am from the spirit of the sea,
In which my childhood sleeps in the depths of the oceans.

I am from the sprit of fire,
Where the fury of my ancestors bloom.

I am from imagination,
I am from freedom,
And I am from love.

I am from a family where the spirits of our ancestors guide us,
They show us right from wrong,
And protect our hearts.

I am from the blood of many lost souls,
The grandfather I never knew,
The grandmother I could never know,
The mother I love,
And the father who left me behind.


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