Si-ha Lee

Please Donít

I see twigs walking in Vogue,
Dryads wearing designer clothes.
Red, hot fire erupts in my eyes.
I stand straight and face my reflection.
Imaginary boiled egg whites grow on my skin.
Snow White’s stepmother blooms within me.
A war is imposed on my natural instincts.
Either die of eating or die of not eating.
Vitality is soon drained out, leaving a living corpse.
‘I will NEVER give up!’
‘I must not eat…….’
‘I….. shall……. n..o….t……….’
I sign an armistice with my instincts.
I lie on a hospital bed, my lifeless eyes staring at the ceiling.
Ringer’s solution drips down, blends in with my blood.
A nurse holds up my reflection for me.
I can feel the clear blood slowly oozing down my cheeks.
‘How did I end up like this?’


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