Batuhan Zadeh

Imperialism Good

Many people today see imperialism as a bad thing, but there are also positive sides of imperialism. This is the definition for imperialism: Imperialism - The policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations. When we are talking about imperialism, we are not talking about moral obligations; we are simply talking about both sides benefiting from a civilized country, grasping control over another country, usually one that is not as civilized as the colonizer. For example: Although British people had flaws in their policies, they increased food production, medicine, education, and liberty.

Wherever Britain conquered, they tried to convert the natives to Christianity. When the natives were converted, they established political and economical advances. Basically, they adopted and accepted Britain’s type of living. The state of being for the natives increased in many ways. Adopting Christianity brought many principles to the natives to live by. These principles included idea of personal accountability, rights to property, including property in one's labor, freedom of contract, and honesty. All of these rights flow from the prohibitions of God's moral rules - don't steal, don't lie, etc.

Most people see imperialism as a bad thing, and a lot of rules. But if you look at it closer, it is just one civilized country helping another country. The worst thing you could say about imperialism is that it is a compromise. There is much giving and taking going on. The natives give the colonizer what they want, such as raw materials and cash crops, and the colonizer gives the natives technology,principles, religion and culture.

We are helped by Niall Ferguson, a well-known British writer, saying in his recently written book Empire, “Imperialism was the best thing that was ever to help the world at the time. It improved economy and reduced tension between many countries.” Even though some natives rebelled and refused to take orders from the colonizer, many others who did accept the colonizer benefited in many ways.


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