Andrew Short

False Idol

The painting drips.
The painter is crying.
The painting dries.
The painter is lying.

He lies about meaning.
The crowd eats it up.
He has painted the devil.
The crowd sees a sup.

It is the lord’s last.
The painter here falters.
The lord is seen crying.
He shows broken alters.

A figure heads the table.
Shock has not struck.
This figure is Judas.
The crowd is stuck.

This Judas is a painter.
Jesus sits by the side.
Judas paints a painting.
Jesus would have cried.

The painter waits.
The crowd stands silent.
The Painter shifts weight.
The crowd grows violent.

The painting is burned.
The painter is torn.
The painting does not drip.
The painter is forlorn.

The crowd is decisive.
God will not change.
Art is burned.
God will not change


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