Sarah W.


It is a day on the island of freedom and independence; the island of Nantucket, where parents do not exist and your feet can take you to no limits, where you can explore the beach of surfside, sun bathe on the golden glistening sand or body surf the waves that go toppling over your head like somersaulting down a hill. No boogie boards or surf boards are present and your belly becomes rough from the salty, sandy water.

Lifeguards on shore not only guard the beach but also the water and make sure that we are following the rules while still having the time of our lives. They are gleaming brown with their sun screened noses, sunglasses always on, tan lines that really stand out and safety floats on the ready for a surprise emergency. They are always ready, ready to spring down from their high perch and ready to move into action in order to potentially save someone’s life. They say hi to you as you pass them heading for the water’s edge.

When standing in the high level of ocean water with your feet barely touching the sand below the surface, crabs, tiny fish and loose seaweed are felt. The seaweed is slimy and the fish tickle your toes and ankles. This tickling makes you laugh out loud and then you have to explain to everyone around you why you giggle. During this time in the water you look behind you for the perfect wave to make your impressive entrance onto the beach in order to impress the lifeguards who are watching.

Each time a wave takes you into shore there is a feeling of suffocation, and for a moment there is a dread deep down inside of you that you know that you could drown at any moment. The wave crashes on top of you; your breath that you are holding so desperately is knocked right out of you and you wash up on shore ready to do it again. It is a weird feeling once you accomplish riding your first wave. The fear is stricken from you for the moment and you run out to continue to surf the waves. This is when the experience is repeated with the same nervous feeling of dread of the danger involved.

But it is not the danger that motivates me to continue with my fun on my summer vacation. It is the feeling of being a part of the wave washing up on shore. I guarantee you that this feeling is real and that you really do have to get the complete feeling of the wave in order to surf it the proper way and to have the most amount of fun in the process.

But by the end, you know that it was all worthwhile and worth the risk of breaking your neck or drowning in order for this exhilarating experience.



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