Eric Kern

War Is Peace

As night draws over the quiet field,
The silent troops arrive.
They make not a sound as they calmly walk
To the house at the right of the square.
The sleeping gas is thrown through the window
And the men inside doze off.
The soldiers return to the base and sleep.
A night owl hoots in the distance.

Back home, the congressman prepares for his speech,
He is shaking with fear.
Tensions are high as he steps on the podium
In the back somebody boos.
Shaking, he finishes talking,
And steps down off of the stand
He hurries home and falls into bed
As a thousand cars honk in the background.

The soldier takes the morning air.
The senator rolls out of bed.
He prepared for his next speech
As a bullet rips through the soldier's body.
On the battlefield everything is still, quiet.
In Washington a man runs to the capitol building
As to not be late for the debate.


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