Sara C.

Reality of a Fantasy Dream World

There once was a boy named Chip.
All he ever wanted was a ship.
So that he could wander where he wanted,
and run away from all the bullies who taunted.

He asked his parents every day,
The reply he got was always nay.
Chip begged and pleaded on his knees,
but his cries were mostly shooed off with ease.

“I’ll find a way”, he told them.
“I’ll find my boat; it’ll be a gem.”
Doubting this, knowing it not true,
His parents thought Chip did not think his wishes through.

But then Chip decided to take charge,
and thought to build his very own barge.
He found some glue, some paint, and some wood,
and drew a draft as best he could.

Working hard, trying to create a masterpiece,
The boy’s devotion could not cease.
Pretty soon Chip had finished the mast,
He needed to perfect his vessel, it needed to last.

The day came when his boat was ready to sail.
Chip was sure that it would cruise without fail.
There was just one more job that was necessary to complete.
On the side of his boat, he painted the name S.S. Feat.

The last knot was tied and bidding his old life goodbye,
Chip put on his cap, he was ready to fly.
Awaiting his dreams, and thinking he would never look back
For craving the thrill of uncertainty, Chip had a knack.

Pulling up the anchor, leaving the shore,
Chip longed for adventure and felt the need to explore.
The ocean was his runway, and he was set to run,
Finally life was beginning as Chip sailed to the sun.

He sailed to Venus, Jupiter and Mars,
He had looped around almost all of the stars.
Yet Chip had not traveled to his heart’s content,
And his love for the open sea would never be spent.

He had lived on his boat for many a night,
when he realized something was not right.
Chip thought his boat was his only desire,
So what could stop him from proceeding higher?

Chip was lonely, he needed a friend.
His journey alone must come to an end.
Even with the finest boat in the land,
Chip’s trip was not going as he had planned.

“Even though my parents questioned me”, he said
“I still wish someone was here to tuck me in bed.”
Chip had been happy, but did not want to go on alone,
So he started to set the ship on its way home.

The world felt bad for Chip; sailing was his love,
So the Earth sent from below what Chip longed for up above.
Chip desired that he could have the dearest to him as crew,
But he knew that could never happen, and towards home he flew.

On the voyage’s last day, the day of return,
Of the gifts the Earth sent, Chip was soon to learn.
All of a sudden, there sounded a crash!
To the bow of his boat, Chip was quick to dash.

The look on Chip’s face, was one any would remember,
And the look of astonishment and almost horror could make plenty surrender.
But once Chip figured out what it was that had made the noise,
He let out a tenor of glee, and regained his poise.

On the deck were his friends, family, and everyone he cherished.
Indescribable was the bliss that the expedition had not perished.
His pals, relatives, every last pet!
All there to stay, having each other they were all set.

They all shared their concerns when they had learned he was gone,
How worried they were when he had not returned the next dawn!
The entire group spent a few days, and a few nights,
Seeing things never before seen, many fascinating sights.

Pure, happy, lighthearted, carefree -
Every one of them decided life was better on the sea.
They were brought to Chip’s ship in the ocean, up high,
Declaring, “I won’t leave here, not ever, not I.”

This is a story of a boy named Chip,
Who follows his dreams, and gets his ship.
Learn from this experience to never let aspirations rip,
And never let dreams or love out of your grip.



Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.