Brian Cuoco

A Walk

A warm summer day
A walk down a narrow, cobblestone street

A street engorged with luscious, monstrous, purple and pink hydrangeas
White picket fences line the sidewalks,
with white colonial houses enclosed within them.
Tiny boutiques hit the curb with inviting open doors,
held by rusted silver door-stoppers.
The sun beats down,
it glares off of the glass,
into the crevices of each cobblestone.

Cars are an uncommon sight,
unlike bicycles and mopeds.
Nothing is out of reach or sight.
Only miles separate one town from the other.
Water surrounds the island,
an island off of Cape Cod.
Where waves crash into the softest and whitest sand
and where shoes are not needed,

with a beach at the end of a walk down a narrow, cobblestone street.


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