Deana LaFauci

Summer Renewal

Early in the morning, the earth in partial darkness
A dull gray lawn chair sits below a great oak tree
As the sun peeks over the horizon, its rays spill across the ground
The yellow-brown grass, parched from thirst,
is partially cloaked in the light from the sun
Soon the sun’s rays reach the lawn chair,
but the great oak’s branches dapple it in the shade,
hiding it from the summer sun’s blazing rays

Ants scurry across the arms of the chair,
quickly gathering bits of crumbs,
residue from a summer night’s barbeque,
the final moments of the cool morning

The morning lazily passes, the sun climbs higher,
its rays intensify with each passing moment
The ground cracks, flowers wilt, hot bodies swelter

Noon approaches, the hot sun bears down, harshly driving away life
The sky is empty and the land barren
Every tree branch is oddly still
The air hangs heavily, too hot to move or breathe
The day becomes dryer yet
Even the ants seem to have gone
The day passes lethargically by, no movement anywhere is seen
Buzzing from the trees is the only sound heard

Relief appears over the horizon
A once bright blue sky is masked with gray
Treetops begin to stir, slowly at first, then faster
The earth’s harsh summer atmosphere relents,
light moisture can be felt in the air
Wildlife senses the shift
Movement reappears in the trees, in the bushes and in the sky
Birds return, squirrels appear,
ants find their way out of their tiny mounds

Staring up at the sky,
The last patches of blue are soon covered by gray and fierce clouds
The sounds of renewal are a prelude to the cleansing rainfall
Wind rustles the branches of the great oak and rain patters on its glossy leaves
The sound of life being watered and restored

A rumbling roll of thunder announces the purging rain,
washing away all anguish for the scorching summer heat
Steam rises from the scorched pavement, the smell of rejuvenation fills the air

The dull gray lawn chair is no longer dull, or gray
Summer rain washed away the dirt and dust,
revealing a startling white against an already greener lawn
The summer rain served as a breath of life,
Reviving life once again
And instilling a wondrous feeling of serenity


Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.