Gregory L.

Time’s Tricks

Lying there, warm and cozy in my bed,
Looking at my clock with a feeling of dread.
Only ten minutes left, how can that be?
I closed my eyes a second ago, and there were thirty.
Ten minutes left, that’s plenty of time
Before I have to hear that dreaded watch chime.
Return to me darkness so that I may sleep,
Or must I use these ten minutes to weep.
The heater croaks, and the door creaks.
The curtains rustle, and the wind speaks.
Too much noise, too much thought.
I guess sleeping again is all for naught.
But I won’t give in; there are five minutes to go.
Sleep is what I need, and I must get more.
Three minutes left, and time’s lost my trust.
I guess my plan for rest is now a bust.
Light slips through the window blind
Causing my sleepiness to fall behind.
Forty five minutes until school,
But this time, I won’t be played for a fool.


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