Jose B.


I shall start this story with the documentation of a new era – an age where every man, woman and child is equal, when there is peace between every nation and great scientific achievements have been made. There is no poverty or disease, and the upper and lower classes have ceased to exist. A perfect world, any man would say, is just impossible. Humans survive on hopes and dreams, but if all those hopes and dreams were fulfilled there would just be nothing except the complete destruction of the delicate balance of nature.  It’s October 23, 1989, which just so happens to be my forty-third birthday. To celebrate this day of my birth seems dull and insignificant.

The streets are crowded, the air polluted with both noise and toxic gases. Any real authority is nowhere to be found - it’s chaos. It seems like some primitive form of nature drives us, when restless, to insanity. This primitive state of being is when one is immoral and unethical. Hey, let’s be a little realistic here… some people aren’t perfect and when there is no authority people will steal more than they need – and do as they please.

Killing is morally wrong, but who will stop you? There are no police, but there are Security Patrols that are paid “under the table”, by whomever, to do whatever. Their so-called duties to look after us are meaningless and they are as corrupt as everyone else. There are no more courts or military, no one to protect us from us. This whole freedom from government idea was the worst idea imaginable, and yet no one thought of the consequences. Maybe it was just to give us a fresh start? Men need government, a higher power, to control them. Without it, we are but primitive beasts that roam the streets.

To me, life is just a game of chess; one must protect the king at all costs. In life, one’s cause is king and greatest strength is queen. Sometimes, this strength needs to be sacrificed for the larger cause. In these bad times we have created, someone needs to stand above the rest and show everyone who we really are. Today, I will demonstrate my cause by building a new world order. 

I have devised such a flawless plan no one can get in my way. It will be quick and decisive so anyone who opposes it will not have time to react. Even if it means I have to die, so what? My voice will be heard and it will be convincing enough to change everything.

Now as I sit sprawled in a chair preoccupied with my own unsettling thoughts, uniformed soldiers bustle about me, all close to completing their roles. It seems as if time itself has sped up around me, everyone just seems to have blurred/faded out. I have gone into one of those mystical states of mind, where my mind goes over the different outcomes of my future actions. What if something goes wrong? What if there is a leak and it all blows up in my face? What if… Time in all its glory brought me back to reality. It’s fascinating to think how one small act could change the future of the world. With a simple wave of the hand, the human race has a possible greater future.

When the governments were overthrown, the military went down with them. Forgotten and untouched by human hands were the many warehouses full of weapons left wide open to anyone. The past couple of years have left the highest weapons build-up in history. I had all the supplies I needed to start a 4th World War with each soldier armed to the teeth. I had complete control over all the military vehicles and aircraft from the Americas to Europe and all major parts of the Far East. I had the whole world in my grasp.

That one quick movement of my hand set off a significant chain of reactions. The military satellites took control over nearby commercial satellites and blocked their frequencies. Around the world every phone rang and beeper buzzed, every television went fuzzy, and all radios and computers went out! Those that were listening to the radio or who picked up their phone heard it! Those that looked at their beepers or those using their computers read it! And those who where watching television saw the following transmission…

“Your fake cause is bringing the human race to its downfall. We need leaders to guide those not willing to lead. We must stand together to make this work. It will not be perfect because perfection is but an illusion of the human mind…”

All we need is to get the message across to the masses and the rest will spread. Well-armed soldiers, a river of white, flooded the streets of every major city in the world. I would like to say no one resisted, but those that were going to lose the most were ready to fight for what they believed. The well-trained soldiers ruthlessly killed all that stood in their way. Some would say it was a massacre and that unnecessary steps were taken, but they didn’t realize there were many casualties on both ends. Cities were burned to ashes by air raids - it seemed as if this planet turned into a hell. It is very unpleasant to see death, but it was necessary for death to occur. After the fire cooled down and the ashes swept away, new forms of government rose to take control. I never intended to be a world ruler, it never crossed my mind. The society at large took, it seems, the easiest way out, a few painkillers to numb society. I never regret anything, not even overthrowing the government. I do it just because I can.


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