Zachary Kreider


Why do we live?
            What is our purpose?
                        Why do I sit here and type on this computer, while other people are out doing things to solve world hunger?
                                    Why would some people voluntarily take their lives, and hurt themselves when people would do anything just to have the opposite?
                                                Why does a 60 year old man get lung cancer if he hasn’t touched a cigarette once, while the 60 year old smoker has two healthy lungs?
                                                            Why do we shelter little ones from the bad in the world, when eventually they will become part of it?
                                                            Why is it when some people are given food they don’t eat it because there is hair in it or it looks gross, when there are others who haven’t eaten in so long that they forget what the taste of food is like?
                                                Why do some feel that their life is miserable and they have it so horrible? “Well because it is,” they might say, or, “My parents are stupid, they never let me do anything.”
                                    Just be thankful that you actually have a life, and that you have parents to share it with.
                        You have no idea how easy you have it until “it” is gone.
            Why do bad things happen to good people?
Because life isn’t fair.


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