Preeya Khanna

Itís Me Versus the World

The world is all.
The pressure, the work, the stress, the deprivation;
no peace, all busy.
much. All.

I am me.
My attempts, interests, successes.
The goals I have,
Being All I can be. They say

It’s me against the world.
My muscle and bone and blood and brain
below an always increasing obligation.
Of friends, of school, of extras.
They tell me a win in this fight
will make me all I can be.

“All I can be” above the world.
Controlling and the end.
A job, a pay, a family,
“all I can be”.
But first,the fight

Its me against the world.
A system, a cycle of pain, stress,
of knowing
the input now defines all I can be

But now what I know
is later.
“All I can be” is later.
Now is what I am.

But what I am is losing.
In the war. The test, the paper, the race,
the debate, all against me. But that’s me
to become what they tell me.

I’ll tell me.

It’s me against myself.
A struggle for the good.
Of peace, of being, of living.
I want.
They want.

No comprojailing mise.
It’s me and myself. Satisfied, calm;
the world is false
never there, only a mindset,
that all I can be
is the job, pay, family.

But “all I can be” is for me.
Satisfied, perusing, passionate, calm,
at peace is all I can be.
All I wish to be.

The mold is broke.
I won the war against the


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