Mikaela Buchinski

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters have a relationship too big for words.
It means more to both of them than either could say.
No matter what they continue to go onwards.
Even if there are some bumps along the way.

When a child is born the mother will check to see if everything is intact,
two arms two legs ten toes and ten fingers.
They have created new life and they glow inside out.
They will think of the things that you will accomplish some day.
Maybe she will be the first woman president, there is no doubt.

As baby gets big she will start to walk on her own.
She will have questions about the world she lives in.
Mothers cannot believe how much their baby has grown.
All she can do is protect her from sin.

It’s nature’s plan for parents and teenagers to fight.
It’s only healthy that they do.
No matter which one of you is right.
Your mother is truly the only one for you.

The daughter will go off to college and tears will be shed,
No matter what has happened in your past.
This is the day that every mother will dread.
It’s the day when the daughter has to leave at long last.

When the daughter graduates she will eventually get married.
And in the mother’s eyes she is more gorgeous than any other.
Now the roles are changing and things are varied.
The daughter is now the mother and the mother a grandmother.

The mother continues to nurture and will never stop.
It is a mother’s instinct to always love and never give up.


Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.