Sophia Furlan

Wild Call of the Wolf

Yearning to jump inside a wolf I am,
Pine trees covered in white frosting,
Swaying in mother nature's breath, surround me,
Along with frozen lakes and
Paper white miniature mountaintops
The gray canvas sky above
Whispering to me

Sucking in the comfort of her loving voice
And feeling the harshness and grace of her wintry winds
Brush against my cascade of silver-white, ebony-streaked fur,
Warming me with the thought of home

Enchanted by the wilderness
Playing and shaking off the light snow
All the fresh scents of the wild call me, pricking up my ears
Feeling the gentle flakes skate past my face
The endless search for food
Lures my nose to the ground
I start sniffing,
Trailing snowshoe paw prints in the ivory floor

Mournful howls call my caring pack to help me
Dancing together here and there like searing fire
Relaying on fellow brilliant, talented sniffers
Luminous snow beneath our feet

Wagging my bushy tail
To hold me steady on the chase
Bright golden eyes glare and lynx through white, wet pine trees
Snow scatters fast as lighting from beneath my racing paws
Turning aggressive when prey is alert
Leaping over tree trunks and boulders
To help enclose our fleeing target
Baring teeth close in around tough and rough fur
Of the frozen, bleeding carcass of caribou
Wet crimson clings to our noses and beards

Catching our racing breath
Hearts pumping faster each second
Letting our dry tongues bathe in the moist air
Snarling, tearing hunks from the kill
Night draws near
Turn to settle down with weary pack
Calling to each other
While digging huts in the powdery snow
Warming us like a forest fire
Restoring our drained energy back to full

Spring will soon appear before us
Shoots spring up from underneath
Birds call to their mates under the bright, blinding sun
The time to split up shall come shortly
Shedding our winter coats
Running from mankind and other fiends, will never cease
When the blessed day comes, I shall disperse with my mate
Searching, scanning around for secrecy
Reuniting with our pack after our honeymoon
Bringing along our spirited pups, ready to learn and thrive
Growing bigger by the hour
Glancing around curiosity in their begging eyes
Tumbling, rolling in lakes and over hills
Their wriggling, tiny bodies never cease twitching

Taking turns caring for the young
Keeping an eagle eye for lurking danger
While I kiss and nuzzle my mate's nose tenderly
Time for family continues on, growing every minute

Leaving behind those who are weak, get injured, lose fights, or die
Welcoming the winners
Baring our teeth and growl, ready to pounce,
Warning others not to come near
Howl at the moon before
Curling up and falling asleep
Dream until color begins seeping onto the horizon
And spills across the sky like raging fire
Then wake to run, leap, tackle, and kill
Passing through every season
Till Mother Nature calls me, ready to consume my body
Leaving my mark for generations to come


Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.