Angela C.

Memory Walk

I found myself walking to your house today
I don’t know why
You don’t live there anymore
I walked the the same old streets
Nothing looked the same
It’s only been a year that's gone by
And everything has changed so much
All the houses were replaced with new ones
The abandoned horse farm had horses
My mind began to sway and drift away
I thought of the first time we walked to your house
I tried as hard as I could to get you to come into the house with me
We were both too afraid to go in
My mind flew back to reality and I wasn’t walking anymore
I was running
I didn’t know why I didn’t have anything to run from
I gained speed as I neared the bottom of the hill
There it was
Everything was still the same
The red barn the yellow house and your house
The trampoline was still in the back yard
Oh the nights we spent on that thing
Gawking at the fraternity boys next door
Talking about our lives
I don’t think we ever really jumped on it
I turned around and started to go back
I couldn’t take it any longer
I walked up the hill and passed by the horse farm
Remember when we use to sled there for hours on end
We had some good times
I found myself walking down a separate path
Normally I would never go this way but today i did.
I knew where I was
But had no idea where I was going
I walked by the old garden
Everything was grown over
the door frame was broken and rotting
I started to drift away from knowing where I was
but I didn’t stop to turn around and go back
I somehow knew that I was going the right way
I found myself stumbling over knots in the ground
I walked home
I had just never gone this way before
In the end everything was the same
It’s just everything that I did to get there that was different


Copyright 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.