Jamie Smith

Summer Memory

Running in the field
The prickly grass against my toes
Spinning freely in a circle
Smiling as the wind rushes towards my face.

I take off my tiny flip-flops
One and then the other.
I slowly place my feet in the sand
As the water comes closer to me with every wave.

The water is refreshing
Freezing water against the sweltering heat.
I stay afloat in the water
Tightly held in by my swimming ring.

I stay until my mother comes
She lifts me up, leaving my floating ring behind.
She places me on the beach
And I walk to where my towel awaits me.

Sand sticks to the bottom of my feet
Behind me, my mother sweeps me up
She takes me up into her arms
And flies me to my towel

I lie down,
The warmth of the sun directly against my wet skin.
I start to close my eyes
The excitement slowly leaves my face,
But still remains in my heart.


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