Nicholas Paster

Looking In Helpless

The worst feeling
is knowing you can't help,

When the world is closing in.
I find myself kneeling,

Looking to the starry sky for guidance
Trying to seek deliverance.

The story begins with the quiet phone,
The voice straining to release the words,

But in the understanding of silence lies the importance.
I know I must help, be by her side,

A 30 minute walk to where she resides
To provide some momentary peace.

But the power to change is not in my hands,
Only time will erase her black and blues.

I fear one day it might leave her heart black,
Unable to love, and live a life so blue.

For now all I can do is accept my role
As the keeper of many wet shirts

Stained by the saline secrets
Of an unforgiveable childhood.

You've broken your mask to reveal the bruises
And I can't help but hate she who abuses.

Insomnia keeps me up thinking red,
Burning at the thought of she who inflicts such pain.

I'd die to wash away the beautiful girl's undeserving distress,
If it killed me I'd let it rain
If it killed me I'd let it rain...


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