Veronica S.

A Nice Children’s Story

“I was walking slowly, beside a lagoon,”
Said a fluffy cat to Mr. Raccoon,
“I was happy and secure,
But when I cast my gaze upon the water,
My mood would change and I would twitch.
Poor me, I couldn’t overcome the fear
Of the deep blue water in the sea
And no matter how hard I tried to go and swim,
Every time I was too afraid to let go of the bottom and slowly flow
Peacefully carried by the waters in the evening glow.” 
“But now is it still the same way?” asked Mr. Raccoon
“No it has changed since an incident I will never forget.
And it happened the following way -
I have a friend, whom I really love,
He is helpful, polite, and the best friend I have. 
So one evening I was about to leave,
But right at that moment I heard an intense, wild scream.
I turned around and ran to see that my dear friend
Was helpless and drowning in the deep ocean sea! 
I was unsure of what to do,
I couldn’t swim and was afraid to,
But I saw my friend suffer and I realized at last
That this was the moment when I had to overcome the past.
I gained some courage and now, in a moment, I had to do
Something I couldn’t and would never attempt to.”
“And what happened next?” asked Mr. Raccoon
“Well, in a few seconds you could see me, fully covered in water
 In the deep ocean sea. My heart was beating and I tried to keep myself on top
But then I was swimming like I had done it before!
Toward the shore I swam with my friend,
I felt like a hero since I overcame myself.
This experience was new to me, but I was glad it was gone
And I was finally free from my heavy bond.


Copyright © 2002-2006 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2006 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.